May 30, 2010

Things that can only happen in NK-land

This is a list of things that have happened to me or to people around me during my trip to NK-land.. If you have any to add, please feel free to add them as comments :-)
1- You attend a show & then out of no-where the girl standing before you recognizes your face from Twitter& you realize you two have been following each other
2- The language we all communicate in is English but it has so many different accents that it sounds more like Esperanto
3- If you see a huge scary man walking in front of you at night  but you hear he has a Boston accent, you stare at him with a "I'm inlove"look instead of running for your life
4- Marhsmallows, Twixes, Bananas and Tractors are never ever just fruits or objects. They have a Life of their own
5- You start the night walking in Dorchester just to see where the guys used to hang out and you end up talking with guys from the Funky Bunch
6- An Indonesian gets a ticket for a concert in USA for someone from Israel
7- Every time you see someone waving their hands you go "ohhh ohhh ohhh hanging tough"
8- You think baseball is probably the most boring sport of them all but you are a huge "Red-sox"fan
9-You tell the guy at the counter at the airport (the one that is trying to charge you 150$ overweight) that if he didn't  have such a cute Bostonian accent.. you would really tell him what you think about his flying company policy
10-You are willing to burn your skin and get Skin cancer but DAMMMNN you are gonna take that picture with Donnie!
11- You walk by the Fillmore at 2 am the night before the concert & are really disappointed that no one is standing in-line
12- You can't walk more than 10 meters in Boston without having a NK reminder
13- A male friend of yours who has no clue who the New Kids are , calls you just to let you know that they mentioned Donnie and Mark Wahlberg during a Celtics game
14- Riding one car: two Denish girls, One Indonesian, One Israel and One American.. & all have the same passions
15- You see a girl eating ketchup on her eggs and you think that is completely reasonable
16- You truly believe that if you had to choose between death in awful pain and the batteries of your camera dying during a concert- you rather die for sure
17- You ride an elevator with a girl you recognize from twitter but since you have no clue what her REAL name is, you don't even say hi
18- You are seriously thinking about taking a second job and calling it "NK's fund"
19- Every time you see a Starbucks you have a reflex to go in and get coffee.. (even if you are already holding one)
20- Meeting people you have never met before and feeling like they are good old friends
21- Asking people you never met to please keep your turn in line while you go do some stuff and knowing that they will actually do it for you
22- Actually considering staying two hours at the airport with all your bags coz you know Jon and Jordan are landing in two hours
23- Not doing it and feeling guilty
24- Paying 395$ for standing in a long line, saying hi to the guys for 2 minutes and getting crappy seats and still feel like you've done the best deal of your life
25- Start the night alone and end it with 10 girls from all over the world ( not in a kinky way you dirty minded people!!)
26- Sit with a friend in your room at the hotel and tweet each other coz that's the way you two are used to communicate with each other
27- otah, tractah, Bawwston, tah
28- You gave up ages ago on trying to make people that don't get it to get know they will forever be lost in the valley of ignorance
29- You can't remember who sang "we will rock you"or "sweet dreams"but you sure think that the NK's versions of them are way better than the original
30- When you hear Maxwells "This womans work"you have a suspicious grin on your face
31- You might be going crazy but you are starting to think that Cholo socks are kindda cool
32- No matter where you are in the world, you ALWAYS knwo what's the time in Boston and L.A.
33- You are 31 and you just bought jelly bracelets. And yes.. you think that is completely normal 
34- You spent 5K$ on a two weeks trip and you are completely sure that that was the best way to spend that money
35- You will do it all over again, as soon as you get the chance ( or the money)

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Anonymous said...

looks to me your trip was a lot of fun.. but more than seeing the guys again.. it looks like the million sisters made it worthwhile as well..

i'm happy for u! :)

- superfangurl

Anonymous said...

Oh I recognize it all Yael. You made me cry and laugh all over again. Actually my wristwatch is still on Boston time LOL!


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