May 24, 2010


** This blog is being published 3 days after I wrote it because I wanted Ddub to be the 1st one to be able to read it, so I printed it and gave it to him (well, gave is not the exact term that describes stucking it into his jacket at a m&g while security were not looking). I hope he had or will have a chance to read it.
**I'd also like to dedicate this blog to all those who shared these amazing two weeks with me. Here it hoes to my BH sistahs!!
Now to the actual blog

For months I have been trying to really understand what it is that makes us BH so special and what is it that makes our bond with the guys so significant. A few nights ago, at a boat in the middle of the ocean I got the answer from Mr Donnie Freakin Wahlberg. The answer is L.O.V.E. The answer is Family.
Before getting on the cruise lots of questions went through my mind: Will I see enough of the guys? Is it smart to spend all this money just like that? Will I get enough face-time? Will I be able to actually talk to the guys? To take pictures?.... Funny, but the more I think about it - the more I realize that those where not the real questions that I had in mind.
This journey has never been about facetime ( don’t get me wrong, I still want my Knight sandwich with marshmallow on top)  or about taking pictures with the guys. This journey has always been about making dreams come true, about love and about friendship. I don’t know how many people get to experience the amazing feeling of being a part of such a big and special family as Blockheads. Sure, every group has it’s groupies but I don’t think every group has a family and I don’t think every group of fans has people as amazing as the New Kids to bring them all together.
For me , being on the cruise, going to the concerts and spending this 2 weeks in the USA has always been about the friendship. I finally met so many faces and so many people that I was sharing my life and  passions with via a computer. I got to meet friends from all over the world that felt the same way as I did and could understand me without even trying hard.  Just imagine, an after party where an Israeli, an Indonesian and two Danish girls dance together to the sound of “full service” Yes, for me the most exciting part (well, maybe shirtless Ddub was a bit more exciting) about all this was the very moment when we were all dancing on the Lido deck and you could just feel the love.  You could really feel that the 2000 people that were rocking that boat had enough Love to make a 20 years old and long distance relationship work.
Since the very first moment I realized the kids where back together all I felt from Bh’s was pure love and real friendship. Is like the comeback didn’t just bring the guys back to us but also gave us back that feeling that only a 13 year old girl can feel towards her friends. I’ve heard so many stories about Bh’s helping each other to make their dreams come true. Bh’s willing to give a spot on the boat to others that have never met the guys before. Girls buying concert tickets for others,  girls supporting each other while trying to lose weight. Bh’s taking a step back so other Bh’s could step in for a photo. Pure sisterhood. And that is what makes this journey so special, the little and big moments we share with our fellow blockheads and the little and big moments we share with the New Kids.
I’m not talking about the screaming and the facetime and the pictures. Those are not the significant moments, sure, they are fun moments and I wouldn’t change them for anything in this world but those are not the moments that define us as family. The significant moments are an encounter with Jon by the pool when he comes to talk to his Jongirls, a smile from Donnie when he passes by you and he knows you are waiting for it, a speech on the Lido deck, a spontaneous hug on a m&g. The little things that remind us that the New kids are not more but not less than Human & the Bh moments are the ones that make all this journey worthy.
So, tomorrow is my last concert (well, until I get rich enough to travel again from Israel) and it feels bitter-sweet. It’s bitter because it feels  like being separated from people I love , because I have been having a great time and because  this journey is not supposed to end. But it’s also sweet because I got to meet so many people I call friends, because I got to experience so many different feelings and so much love around me that I feel like it doesn’t matter if I am here or back in Israel- this is never going to end.
So tomorrow night, when the lights turn off, and the last note of Hanging tough is being played, I will probably have tears in my eyes, tears of joy – the joy of knowing that I am a part of something that is bigger than me- I’m not just Yael. I’m Yael the Blockhead and that will never change. It’s part of me just like my name, just like the things I do and the things I love. Being a blockhead is more than just loving 5 great (and freakin’ hot) guys. Being a blockhead is knowing that I always have five brothers and a million sisters spread all over the world .
Was this trip worthy? Was it smart to spend all that money? The answer is YES. Because  money can’t buy memories, money can’t buy family and money can’t buy that great feeling that I have in my heart right now. So to all of those asking  me if I went crazy the answer is NO! The answer is that I know I did the right thing because in 90 years, when I  take my last breath, the things that I will take with me to god-knows-where  are all those faces I’ve met this week, the smile I had during Donnies speech on the deck, the fun we had tonight at the after party. What I will be taking with me is not the money I’ve earned but the friends I”ve made and the experiences we shared.
So Donnie, Jon,Jordan,Joe , Danny and my Bh sistahs: Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for making this journey one I will nevah forget. See you soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

My only regret, is that I didn't get on that boat so we could meet in person! I'm glad you had a fabulous trip, and I agree that the memories we've all made and shared are priceless artifacts that will stay with us long after we are too old to dance! Travel safely home, and we'll see you back on twitter! Brita

Anonymous said...

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