May 12, 2010

Miami baby!!! Miami

Ok.. Let's start the updates with the most important things I've discovered in this trip so far:
 1- It's hard to find a sturbucks in Miami.. but if you must know... there's one very close to the Intercontinental Hotel.... hmmm.... very interesting
2- I hate humid weather
3- British MALE flying attendants are def. the hottest flying attendants I have ever seen.. Good bless the Queen!!!
4- The weather hates me ( it has been cloudy all day)
5- There's a bus that takes you from the airport to the Dolphin mall (10 mins. ride) but it takes over an hour
Now to NKOTB related stuff

Woke up really early due to mottah fuckah Jetlag, had crappy coffee (well 2 crappy coffees) and headed to Lincoln av.- thats supposed to be the place were all the cool kids hang around... I got into a store and BOOM- see what I found? (Well Jenny found it but this is MY blog so I'm gonna say I found it)
While walking  in  downtown Miami I spotted at least 10 potential blockheads.. you know how it is.. we are like dogs- we smell each ottah. It could have been nice to know if they were actually BH's or not
After taking the longest bus in the history of human kind- I finally got to the mall... and whats the 1st store I get to see? yup you are right- EPIC... now If thats not destiny.... I dunno what that is....

So two nkotb related thing sin 1day?- I call this day a total success!!! and what's even bettah- I just found out that the Filmore is about 10 mins walking from my hotel
Miami- get ready... blockheads are gonna  have some serious fun!!!

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Dian_yach said...

Yay! So happy for you! Update me on your cruise craziness will ya! have lots of fun!

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