Apr 30, 2009

Jordan is flying you to NY to see the "Today Show".. for realz!!! Aka: why the hell am I not a USA citizen!??!

So the guys are giving back for real! First it was Donnie with the twisted video thing and soon WE will get to pick how's going to meet him in Boston and now Jordan - I'm to sexy for my shirt but i won't take it off till Yael gets here- Knight is gonna pick one fan and actually pay for her ticket to NY AND FOR THE HOTEL ROOM IN HIS OWN WORDS "SPEND THE NIGHT ON ME"...
How amazing is that!??! the fact that they are actually doing this? they don't have to do it, they will keep on being as popular as they are now without doing it. They will keep having sold out concerts but yet they decide to go ahead and do it.. and that's what makes them so special.
Now, I've read some twitters being mad about the fact that it is only open for US citizens. I really don't see why. I'm not a USA citizen but I'm happy that SOMEONE will get to go and enjoy that... just THINK POSITIVE PPL!!!

And now to the real good stuff: look how calm he looks here.. don't you wanna just go and well.. hm.. ok I'll keep my thoughts to myself

Find more videos like this on New Kids on the Block


1. Full name

2. Address

3. e-mail address

3a. Date of Birth

4. Are you a member of the NKOTB community? What is your screen name?

4a. What’s your occupation or vocation?

4b. Anything else you want to share about you?

5. Have you been to any new kids shows lately? Which one? How did you
like it? Can you share your experience?

6. Will you be attending any shows this summer?

7. What song would you like to see that you haven’t seen the new kids

8. What’s your favorite NKOTB song from the past? What’s your favorite
from “the block”

9. Why do you think you are the “lucky one” to be flown to NYC to see the
performance at the today show. Why should I pick you?

10. What do you think Tink! Is?

-Answers will be accepted at:

-Only complete questionnaires will be accepted
-one (1) email per person
-one (1) entry per email
-answers will ONLY be accepted by email
-You must be 18 or over to participate and have a valid state or government issued ID
-Winners will receive one (1) round trip airfare and one (1) night hotel to NYC for you and one (1) guest
-Winners will receive VIP access to Today Show performance on 5/8/09
-Winner is responsible for their own transportation to/from airport/NYC
-Guest must depart from same city as Winner
-Contest is open to US residents ONLY - lower 48 states
-no purchase necessary
-Contest closes Friday 5/1/09
-By entering (sending email) you agree to terms and conditions listed below
-Good luck!


Apr 21, 2009

Videos from Hollywood Palladium & House of Blues

Huge thank you to LuvnNKOTB4eva for uploading those and letting us all watch
This is just too cute ( CUTE!?!?!? am i using CUTE to describe Jk??) he messes up the first lines of Step by step

Full service... oh my god.... hmmm

Sexify my love


Let's fucking get this!!

Apr 19, 2009

A request from my fellow Blockheads

So it is this time of the year again, when our boys have they're well deserved time off and we get to deal with our NKOTB withdrawals.
I remember last time they where on a break, a few months ago, Jordan posted on myspace something about people picking into his windows at home and also disturbing his mother. Personally I think that people that do that kind of things are sick , not to mention breaking the most important right a human being (and as amazingly gorgeous as our boys are-they are still human) has: the right for privacy.
Anyways, I'm writing this to request from all of us to please behave during those few weeks the guys have to spend with they're families.Please, let's give them the space they need. Let's let them live some kind of normal life.
I don't know about you but I want them here for a long ride and not to get sick and tired of crazy fans after the summer tour. I want them to stay around for a while but in order to do so , the guys need ( i think) they're time off.
Can you imagine how hard it must be for a father of 2 young kids to be spending most of this year away from home, not seeing his kids grow, not dealing with homework, missing soccer games, etc?. I can only imagine the sacrifice they are doing to spend so much time making US happy.
Sure, I'm not naive, I know this is they're job, i know this is the deal they all signed for, but as they said several times, they don't NEED this, they could all live happily and quietly at home but instead they choose to come back, and they choose to add more dates when we never dreamed about it, they choose to spend time with us, to let us take pictures, talk to us, for crying out loud- they are freaking twittering us!!
Now don't get me wrong, I think that while they are on tour the terms change, when they are on tour it is OK to be a crazy bus stalker ( in Jon words) it is OK to ask for a picture and a autograph (ASK- not take if you don't ASK), I'm not gonna lie to you,if you read my blog you know that I did take pics with them in Amsterdam and I did meet them at the hotel, but never in a disrespectful way and NEVER when they where on they're time off. But I think that when they are not on tour it is they're own private time. A time to dedicate to they're families, they're other jobs... etc.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that if we want them around for a long time we need to respect they're rights as human beings and just let them be while they are not on tour...
I just don't want them to get tired of "too much"attention and make us wait for another 15 years to go see them on stage,
And you know what? even more.. i just don't want 5 people i love so much to feel uncomfortable or intimidated.. i want them to enjoy this journey as much as I am enjoying it (and i have only been to 1 concert) and I want them to be able to have grown-up lives.
And another thing: I'm so proud to call myself a Blockhead, srsly, only a few times in life you get to be a part of such an amazing group of ppl and i would hate it if the great prestige we have will be ruined by some crazy ppl behaving like stupid 12 year old fans ( and I'm not saying all 12 year olds are stupid).
So plz, let's keep it real and let's have fun!!!!
Long live the Block!!

Apr 18, 2009

Video my friends.. videos

Spring tour will be ovah in a few hours ( not that i have my clock set to both Jerusalem and Nkotb time so I know where they are or something....)
Anyways, i figured this is a good time to post some nice videos that I found lately .. and remember.. it Ain't ovah till the five great good looking guys sing again in Europe!!! just saying...
Jordan and Joe singing them steps

The sound is not so great but the images are amazing


"joe joe joe"

Apr 16, 2009

More from Joe mac- new blog

Man!! this man is getting to me... before I can say "Step by step ohh baby gonna get to you girl"he will be my number 3!!
Anyways, here it is Joe's new blog

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Often when we are performing the slow jam medley, I think of all the
legends that came before us- Temptations, 4 Tops, Jackson 5, New

At that moment in the show, the lights are dim, mostly spot lights so
it’s very moody and I think of all the tours and road shows that have
come before us. There is something so special about the sound and
moves of those groups- the whole thing really takes me back to the
soulful 60’s and 70’s- a classic time of showmanship that is a lost art.
It’s a privilege to, in our own way, carry that torch.
I wonder, in this day and age of instant everything, will the flame go
out or will we be lucky enough to see it passed along.

Apr 14, 2009

Help us get Jordan and Danny to Twitter

You know you want it!!
You know you need it!!
Let's Twitt this!!

To get Jordan on twitter click here
To get Danny on twitter click here

Danny's new blog

He ain't twittering.. YET
Monday, April 13th, 2009

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven’t posted a blog in awhile, but this tour has been moving at such a fast pace. My daughters and Dad got to come out and see 5 shows in a row. They had the time of their lives. They are road warriors and love every part of being on the road. I can’t put into words how much it has meant to me to be able to share this experience with all my kids. This would not be possible without you guys. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Love always

Joe's Blog- another twitter addict

Monday, April 13th, 2009

How ’bout a good ol’ fashioned blog.

This feels like using a rotary phone compared to twitter. Wow! I can
actually finish my thought here and not be sweating to death trying to
get it all in in a hundred and forty characters. Aaahhhh, this is nice.
Hmmm… Let me take a moment and collect my thoughts- what a novelty.
Well, let me see… We had another amazing show in Saskatoonia
( that’s what I like to call it- I add an (ia) to it).
I was hit by a recurring thought as I looked into the eyes of a girl
in the front row. How will I ever explain to each of you what it means
to be able to do what I do for such an audience? It’s such a blessing.
It pushes me to do more. To want more. To be all the things I think I
can be. And I thought of how I ‘get off’ on meeting people that to me
really ‘get it.’ There is a diverse group of people that we attract
and it mirrors the diversity of this group. And when you find those
moments with people when you are on the same page- whether its a look
or a comment or a joke or a story- and you really connect… Well, it’s
like sex to me. It’s that good. And it turns me on and it makes me want
Now put that in your twit and smoke it.

If you are the only person on earth that is not following Joe- start doing it here

Jon's Blog- the man is a Twitter addict!!

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Sorry to all for my lack of posting a blog in such a long time. Spring is here and I’m loving being able to get outside in the fresh air. It has been a cold long fall and winter being cooped up indoors under artificial lights and surrounded by cement walls! Looking forward to the summer tour and the outdoor venues. Literally it will be a breath of fresh air!! Catch me on my twitter account…if you’re missing hearing from me. I will do my best to come up with some more interesting blogs soon. Nothing really new to report out here. Sleep, ILAA, Show, Bus, Repeat!!!!


By the way.. if you are not following him at Twitter: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????
Follow Jon

Apr 10, 2009

our daily Jordan fix

the man is on fire

Joe (the real one) is on twitter
That's the link given by NKOTB

Sometimes you feel like Joeverting.......

Thanx to alternageekorg for sending out those links ( cs171 I don't know you , but I LOVE YOU GIRL)
*For the record: I think that while you see "If you go away"you should always and at ALL TIMES focus on Jordan but well.. I must addmit by now that Joe has his moments.. doesn't he?

He is getting me all twisted allright!!

Oh mama!!!!!!
If you have heart problems don't watch from 0:25

Ok Joe.. i won't go....

Oh yeah,,, you can Dirty Dance as much as you want

Apr 9, 2009

Some new videos

Here , they take the "Jon Jon" song to a whole new level...

(and was it Jordan on the keyboard?)
Mr. Jordan Knight: please stop it.. in tah name of god!! You can't keep on doing this to me!!!

Just coz Jordan standing on that piano makes me wanna do things.... hmm.. like.. hmm.. learning to play the piano.. what were you all thinking? dirty minded ppl!!!!

Am I the only 1 that gets teary-eyed with this?

Jordan says the gusy are back TO STAY

Thank you Jordan!!
thats the best Passover/ Easter present you could give us!!!

Apr 7, 2009

Sometimes you just feel like being a Joe girl

(contains some serious quality Jk time at the end)

And this? I love each one of those songs..

Apr 6, 2009

Jon's new blog

Once again, I'm saving you the time of going and looking for it. so this came straight from
Monday, April 6th, 2009

Sorry to all for my lack of posting a blog in such a long time. Spring is here and I’m loving being able to get outside in the fresh air. It has been a cold long fall and winter being cooped up indoors under artificial lights and surrounded by cement walls! Looking forward to the summer tour and the outdoor venues. Literally it will be a breath of fresh air!! Catch me on my twitter account…if you’re missing hearing from me. I will do my best to come up with some more interesting blogs soon. Nothing really new to report out here. Sleep, ILAA, Show, Bus, Repeat!!!!


Apr 5, 2009

Apr 3, 2009

It's official: Today show , May 8!!

This was taken from
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009


48/49th STREET and 6th AVE

Anyone interested in receiving concert updates as well as opportunities for Plaza Fan Passes send can email to the address listed above with their full name. Enter to win a PRIME SPOT!

More Videos!!

Today I am all about videos

Apr 2, 2009

Interview/article.... me likes it much much

By Shanon Cook

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Twenty years ago, when the New Kids on The Block were wearing their hair almost as high as their fame, the music business was a vastly different animal. There was no "American Idol." No such thing as a download, legal or otherwise. People collected posters, not ringtones.
But it appears something has carried over from that distant era. Something loud, something jumpy, something ready to roar: Blockheads (or to those not familiar with boy band lingo, fans of New Kids on the Block).

As a "look who's laughing now" to those who thought reuniting for a new album and tour was a ridiculous idea, the group's past followers came out in droves last year to see Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood give some new choreography a whirl at concert venues around the world.

"I think a special thing happened out there on the road," Wahlberg said. "I think the fans came back not quite knowing what to expect but determined to have a great time. And we came back not quite knowing what to expect [but] determined to have a great time and determined to put on a great show. And I think we all got there and became teenagers again. It was pretty cool." Video Watch the New Kids up to old tricks »

So cool that the band has announced a whole new set of North American concert dates they're calling the "Full Service" tour. The 34-stop trek kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 28 and winds up in Houston, Texas, on July 18. Tickets go on sale Friday.

But before the tour, New Kids on the Block will hit the high seas -- along with boatloads of Blockheads -- for a three-day concert cruise in the Bahamas in mid-May.
"The cruise is the one area where we've completely lost our minds," Wahlberg said. "We're going to have to answer to thousands of fans on the boat. It's going to be insane."

But perhaps not as insane as things might've been if this were still the '80s. The band members -- now 40ish, and all but one of them fathers -- concede that they've mellowed considerably, and so has their 30-something female fan base.

"We didn't just go completely bonkers and stop being adults," Wahlberg said of the 2008 tour. "The fans didn't hang out in front of the hotel, singing songs for 20 hours straight. They just got hotel rooms and hung out in the lobby and met us for drinks at the bar."

Cheers to that.

New Kids on the Block recently hung out with CNN and talked about surprising the skeptics, the boy-band stigma and how the music business has changed in the 15 years since they disbanded. The following is an edited version of the interview.

CNN: What's the biggest change you've noticed in the music business?

Joey McIntyre: The music business has changed incredibly. There used to be 50 record companies. Now there's only three, and it's just getting smaller and smaller. But then again, you have the Internet, so anybody who has music can get it out there.

Jordan Knight: We also come from an era where getting on stage and performing, really honing the craft of performing on stage, was important. So lucky for us we have that background, and even though record sales are down, concert ticket sales are up, and that favors us, because that's what we mainly like to do. We like to perform.

CNN: When you left the spotlight, bands like 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys moved in and flourished. Was it difficult for you to watch them take the torch and run with it?

Donnie Wahlberg: I found no bother in other boy bands taking the spotlight for a number of reasons: A, I was not interested in that spotlight myself. B, it was their time. C, we weren't even in a band anymore. I was doing other things ...

McIntyre: It sounds like a comedy skit where we're furious over it!

Wahlberg: Yeah, like "Damn it! Why are they being so successful?"

McIntyre: "We've got to find a way to ruin it!"

Wahlberg: When we came out, there was MTV, and that was it. And there wasn't room for another band like us. ... And when we went away, the music business changed. Suddenly, there were all these different avenues and outlets. ... So you could have three, four, five boy bands, and they could all be very successful. And that was more fascinating to me than anything else.

Anybody who was as successful as those guys were -- be it Backstreet or 'N Sync -- it takes so much hard work to be successful. I can only respect [that]. We had a backlash on us, so to come out as a boy band after us and to have the perseverance to succeed and overcome a lot of doors that were closed from people hating on us ... they deserve credit for that. And we deserve credit now for coming back and overcoming hurdles that are there now for us.

CNN: What are the biggest hurdles?

Wahlberg: The whole concept of us coming back, honestly, was met with skepticism by a lot of people. ... All the record companies thought when (other boy bands) were thriving, that was the time that we should come back. But it was their time; it wasn't our time. ...

The fact that 90 percent of the people who discussed this with us thought it was crazy or thought we'd do a barnstorming tour at best, that in itself is a hurdle, because we had to walk away. We had to all make a commitment to do this. We all had things in our lives that we were doing, that we were committed to. ...

But we believed, and fortunately the fans believed and came back in bigger numbers than we ever imagined and made a lot of people look wrong. It even surprised us.

CNN: Boy bands traditionally get a bit of a hard rap, don't they? You're often dismissed as overly choreographed, a little bit cheesy.

Wahlberg: I think it's easy to criticize things that you maybe don't quite know the story on. But the reality is, we're in the music business. John Mayer might be able to play the guitar better than any of us ... but we all signed record contracts. We've all made a decision to make our career in this business. So to scoff at people because they do something different or don't do what you would do is silly.

Fortunately, we haven't really found that this time around. I think people have come to understand that maybe we're a little bit different ... a little bit more of a grass-roots band than people ever gave us credit for. We weren't picked out of thousands of people. It was a very real story, how we came together.

CNN: Which one of you has changed the most?

Knight: I don't think any of us have really changed. We've matured; we've mellowed a bit. We have more wisdom, but personality-wise, we're all the same and it's good to see. And that's what made us in the past, and that's what makes us now.
anny Wood: I think the change you would see (is when) each of us (is) individually at home with our kids and our family lives. But when we get together, it's all still the same.

Wahlberg: Jon has a British accent now. Danny won't take commercial airliners anymore. Jordan only greets fans with gloves. (They all laugh.) It's a joke!

Videos and Videos and Videos!! aka; i have been shoplifting again from youtube

Thanks to whoever uploaded them to youtube!!

Donnie: we make great wafers in Israel. really: come over here and I will show you...oh! yeah and when you come over.. is there any chance you bring your handcuffs Officer Wahlberg??

"COME- WE'LL SERVE"- By the greatest JK

Donnie being funny


Apr 1, 2009

How i met our New Kids on the Block (aka: I'm not stalking, just following) PART V

I know.. it took me waaaaay to long to post this part but hey! I've waited freaking 14 years to see the guys.. you can wait a month...OK OK back to the story

So I enter the room and the first thing I see is Jordan , I know I walked by Joe and Danny, I know Jon looked at me and that Donnie was there but all I Could see was Jordan.. I saw him, he saw me walking straight to him and he opened his arms just like I always dreamed of... so I took that as an Invitation and give him a hug and he was hugging me really tight so I had to say something.... All I could think about was "oh no!! he is hugging me coz he thinks I'm from the group that is leaving now so it is a Goodbye hug"... and since I'm well known by not being able to shut my mouth and just letting all my thoughts out all I said was "Ohh this is a Hello hug coz I'm from the new group and not a goodbye one"(once again....someone should teach me to keep it shut!!) then he looked at me and I told him "I have a shirt for you"so he looked at my shirt and asked "why should I beware"and I told him "coz I have a sign for you"he laughed and said "ohh" and I asked if I could stand by him for the picture and he smiled and said "sure"! (I almost died there.. technically he just said yes to something I offered.. who the hell cares it is a picture.... I'm sure I would have offered something naughty and he would have said YES.... OH MY GOD!!! I got a yes from Jordan knight).
Then I went to Donnie coz he was the closest and I said hi, he said Hi and it was picture time... so Jordan kind of brought me towards him (and I didn't die!!) and just when the picture was about to be taken one of the girls from the night before looked at me and said "ohh I have no place to stand"and I was like "you are not taking my man!!! he just said yes to me!!"(good thing I didn't say that out loud.. so I do have some self control after all) and she was looking at me and Jordan coz I knew from last night thats where she wanted to stand.. and Jordan actually pulled me towards him a bit ( and I think I stopped breathing for a while) CLICK first picture.. then CLICK second one....
The ILAA person tells us its time to get out...

Now I have to stop the story and go a bit backwards... When I was entering the room I heard Jon saying really out loud "Oh! Israel is in the house"but I was too focused on Jordan so I didn't even say hello to him... So now, when we were asked to leave the room I had to do something about my sexy in-law..... Ok back to the story...

So the ILAA ppl want us out .. but I couldn't care less.. I went straight to Jon, who opened his arms again and I hugged him and right there... I whispered to his ear.... I had so many things in mind to whisper there.. most of them are not decent enough to be posted here but all my brilliant mind came up with was "You know you were my first love? my dad used to hate you"and he laughed ( I must learn to keep my mouth shut.... I really should)..
On my way out I stopped by Jordan again, another short hug, I said "thank you"he looked at me and said "No, thank you"and then I happily died...
But I guess I was resuscitated due to all my good acts in my life ( hm.... yeah... good acts) and I found myself running like crazy with my friends to catch a good spot... and we did!!! We stood by the stage.. there was only one woman separating me from the fence... ( and there was another one on my side trying to kill me and pushing me but hey!!!! no one was gonna make me stand far from Jordan after he gave me the "yes"!!!)..
There we were standing for two hours waiting for the concert to start when I realized that I cheated on Jordan with his brother... srsly....... I had them both there and I whispered to Jon's ear.... I hope Jordan didn't see it... :-)
The concert was amazing, as far as I am concerned it was the best night I had in I -can't -remember- how- long. the guys were great, funny and teasing us all the time.
During "games"I knew it was time to put my sign in good use and indeed .. Jordan saw it and laughed, then Donnie saw it and laughed.. and I was so happy. Srsly. after all that long wait, all the excitement, the flight, the stalking and the freaking cold I was at an NKOTB CONCERT!!! I was making a dream come true.. I don't know how many of you got to feel what it is to make a dream come true but it is something you can't really explain with words.. just amazing..
The concert went on and Jordan didn't take off his shirt, sure, I got some great eye contact (specially during summertime) and I got a wink by Jon ( Shh... Jon, you wink like that one more time and Jordan will realize we are having a little adventure!!)
So the concert was done.. and I was still like a 16 year old kid that took 1000 speeds..... srsly. I was so hyper....
On the taxi on our way to the hotel I started to realize how lucky I was, making a dream come true, meeting the guys, sharing it with great friends I met on this amazing NKOTB journey. really I felt like my adventure was complete, like I got more than I ever expected, I was really willing to go home and call myself the happiest woman alive... but the night had one last good surprise for me...
yep... to be continued
BTY, if you haven't seen this yet.... between 3:33- 3:43 you can see Jordan and Donnie looking at my sign and laughing... dunno who's the girl that took this video but she was standing a few rows behind me.. THANK YOU GIRL!!!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Wednesday is..... Jon-day!!!

"And one day I shall rule the world and all of you small tractahred ppl will worship me"
So here we are again showing some love for the inlaw....
I love it when the guys do this but yeah.. when you are as good looking as Jon you don;t need to do a thing:

And some more Jon..
There is no Jonday without the tractah