Feb 26, 2009

OPERATION 2 IN THE MORNING- We are sooooo getting this!!

Just a little update about the operation.
It's going well!!
1- We got the video to #1 most popular videos on VH1
2- We got them to #3 most searched artist in VH1. They were on #2 but i guess that since it is night now in the USA and we have less people working on this they dropped to #3.
3- we got people from all over the globe (the moon!!! we are missing on the moon!!) calling radio stations and asking for the song.
5- Has nothing to do with the operation but I WANT THE GUYS BACK IN EUROPE THIS FALL!!

(BTY, Jordan get well!)

Feb 25, 2009

Please handcuff me Officer Wahlberg!!!!

Exactly 3 weeks and 2 days ago (but who's counting) i meet Donnie, both in his hotel and at the M&G.
After reading what people told about him, watching the videos, reading his blogs i was kind of expecting him to be the nicest and most outgoing of all the guys.
I was really excited about meeting him, after all he was my second favorite (after Jordan- Im so hot seems like summer is back- Knight ) but was really disappointed after it.
I got to see him 4 times in 48 hours and in none of them he was nice. The worst was in the m&G when i actually stood next to him saying hi how are you i just came from Israel bla bla and he didn't even look at me.
Now DON'T GET ME WRONG, i love the guy and i guess he was just having a bad day or that he just didn't want to communicate with me which is ok, he's human and he doesn't have to be nice and cute 24/7. So it wasn't a major thing but i did get a bit of a turnoff about him.
That was until lately... When i saw him on the 2 in the morning (have you voted bty???) clip i knew he was wining his way back and today i saw "Righteous kill"and well...he got me back!!! Besides he's looks, he's a very good actor, i love his serious looks there, the deep voice and the fact that he just acts in a very minimalistic way, which i see as something good. I believe that actors that make a lot of noise around them and that try to show too much of themselves and they're skills are just not that good actors and they cover it. But our boy? just like Pacino & De Niro is a good actor, he does exactly what he needs to do to make his character look real. not more and not less and thats something that is very hard to find in actors those days..
Anyways: Donnie baby i committed a crime you must come and take me to the station.. oh.... can Jordan come too?

Feb 23, 2009

operation "2 in the morning"

Finally the single is on i-tunes and the video is out and im happy, very very happy.
Man!! have you seen Jordan's "puppy eyes"when he goes "wake up- wake up"???.. if you haven't notices, here you got the caption (thanx to my friend and Jordan lover: Kim) I'd wake up for that any time any day.. JUST NAME IT JORDAN AND I'LL BE THERE
We all want the single and the videos to get straight to no1- right? well it ain't gonna get there by itself so we need to do something about it
1- Buy the single on i-tunes, and if you are not completely broke buy it more than once, send it as a present to friends, family.. whatever...
2- The video (the i-tunes one) is on youtube so we can watch it for free but the fair thing to do will be buy it from i-tunes.. so please do buy it
3- The official 2 in the morning video is out and alive on VH1 site, and since we want it to be a no1 hit we need to watch it as much as we can (yep just leave it ruining on your pc on repeat) and also go rank it on the site...

So: you are on the net, you get into some crazy fan's blog, she asks you to please buy the single and vote for the video.. what do you say? LET'S GET THIS!!
Watch the video on VH1

And here.. watch the bonus from itunes but DON'T FORGET TO ALSO BUY IT,OK?

Feb 20, 2009

The toughts behind the pictures

It all started as a joke when i saw a really funny face made by Jordan in a picture, from then on i captured hundreds of pictures.
I will be posting them here from now on, so every time you come back check if there are any new ones.

If you see here any picture taken by you and you want the credit or you want me to take it off the site please let me know and I will do it immediately.
To see all the captions just click on the picture below and it will take you to the gallery

The toughts behind the pictures

Dreams do come true

So i wonder how do i summarize 20 years of waiting and knowing it is only a dream that can NEVER come true, then 6 months of knowing it can come true just not for me,. then 2 months knowing that OMG MY FREAKING GOD- IT IS HAPPENING TO ME, and then. 6 amazing days in Amsterdam, 2 of them with great new friends and 2 hours of a concert I've been waiting for 2/3 of my life?
OK, let's get this thing started.

Sometime around September i got a youtube link in Hebrew about something that had the word "Jordan" on it, then i decided to go see what my beloved Jordan Knight was doing.... and BOOOOOOOMMM lot's of videos about the reunion showed up. Now i can tell the truth: I CRIED!! i swear i did!! i was so sad when it ended back in 1994, that i couldn't believe it. And they came back just in time, just when i needed something really good in my life to cheer me up, to remind me of good things (am i getting to "girly" here?) At that specific moment my life changed, i spend hours in front of the computer drinking every word written about or by them, i found the amazing boards where people are as crazy as me for them and i hoped i will get to see them. As time went by i decided that my childhood dream must come true so i have to find a way to do the 5* (since my credit card wasn't issued in Europe or USA,Canada or Mexico... ILAA people think my money is not good enough so i cant but a ticket) Thats when i found Lydia. Someone i have never meet before that trusted me enough (well and i trusted her) to actually help me buy a ticket.. my new

As time went by all my thoughts started getting in the "oh my god" direction, i spent hours in this and nkotbfans boards, nights in search of new NKOTB (specially Jordan) footage and counting down the days to my (coz man it was MY concert).

And time arrived, it happened sooner that i thought, and i was so ready for it!!!!. Before i knew it i was walking the freezing streets of Amsterdam and texting people i have never meet before (still have to get the cellphone bill .. if anyone wants to I was walking THE SAME streets the guys where walking, it was killing me to know that they where so close and yet so far. The night before the concert i meet some really nice blockheads, and we got to share our stories and anxieties together, it was great to be sitting with people from all over the world that i felt knew exactly how i feel. so THANX girls!! it was an amazing night!!!.

That very night i got lucky enough to meet Jon. I walked to him and said :sorry to bother you but i came all the way from Israel to say "hi" so "hi". he looked at me shook my hand and said "woow from Israel- you deserve a hug" and gave me a great big bear hug. I said something dumb like "say hi to your bro for me" he said he will and i asked for a hug to take to my sister, and he gave me a great big one again. I said thanx and good night and was the happiest woman alive, Jon was my first favorite. he's actually the reason that got me into NKOTB, only a few months later i moved to his bro.That night i also saw Jordan for the first time in my life, i prepared myself for that moment and i promised i wont act like an hysterical 12 year old, I told myself that it is HIS time to do what HE wants, he's not on stage, he's having his private time and I'm not allowed to do anything about it. But something happened, i thought : "if you don't get to talk to that man you will regret it for the rest of your life" and god knows I'm good at not doing things and then regretting it. So after one hour of sitting like 2 meters from him, without even noticing i got up, walked to him and made a fool of myself. yep, thats how i felt then and thats how i feel now... I did give him a flash memory with all the funny captions and the "odes to shirtless Jordan" as i promised my friends here and he did take it but i felt like a 12 year old, so lame.... i didn't really sleep that night .. went trough that meeting in my head over and over again and felt worse,
Morning came.. CONCERT DAY. The day was a weird mix of happiness, anxiety and sadness (ill explain later). Before i knew it Lydia, Becks and myself where freezing our butts on the line for the 5*. MY DREAM WAS ABOUT TO COME TRUE!!! I don't know what will i have done if i didn't have Lydia and Becks around, i would have gone bananas ( i kindda went anyway i think).
Then everything happened so fast, it was like 5 minutes, Boom!! I'm in line for the meeting. Boom I'm in the room getting a hug from Jordan and asking if its OK to stand by him for the picture. Boom! i talk to him for like one minute before i hear Jon saying from the other side of the room "ISRAEL IS IN THE HOUSE" Boom!! we are taking the picture! Boom! I run to Jon, he hugs me and i whisper to him "you know you where my first love? my dad used to hate you" and he laughs.
Now that was it i was the happiest woman alive, i didn't mind standing for two hours while a very bad DJ played music, i didn't care my feet were killing me. i didn't care anything. I was about to be in a NKOTB concert.
And once again,,, before i knew it "15 years ago they walked away....." and it started, two of the happiest hours in my life, for sure the happiest hours i had in the last year. they went fast, i can remember only parts of it. I remember Jordan and Donnie noticing my sign, i remember crying in "ill be loving you forever" and in "if you go away"
Before i knew it it was "hanging tough" and that was it. I think i told that to my friends back then but the feeling was "i can now die a happy woman" it's true- thats how i felt. That night i also got to take a picture with Jordan, once again i felt stupid to approach him but i knew i had to and i did it with class and not like the night before.
And then it was ALL over.
My childhood dream had come true. And thats the sad part. 20 years I've been dreaming about those 2 hours, hoping they will happen, preparing myself for it and then- before i knew it it was over. And i was (still am) so sad. For the last months the fuel that got me going was the fact that i was going to do it and now, when it's over i have to find something else to focus on... hmm.. maybe .. hmmm.. a fall concert on Europe????. Really I'm sitting here and actually thinking that this is it, now i have to go back to reality, from dreamland back to reality and it is a hard landing the one I'm having.
So yep, I've learned something very important during this journey: DREAMS WHERE MEANT TO BECOME REALITY. And better yet I AM THE ONE THAT CAN MAKE THEM COME TRUE. And you know what, a 30 year old woman as me should know that, I'm not dumb, i have a pretty good life, i should have known that before but the last year has been crappy for me and i guess i needed a reminder for that and NKOTB where there to remind me.
So i don't think I'm able to express in words ( and in English) how thankful i am to our 5 guys for coming back into my life.
And how tankful i am to my new blockhead friends for being a part of it...
Now i only hope i get to do a re-run in the fall!!

Hello World

So here I am, writing my first blog and what better subject to make it about rather than NKOTB?
I know, I know, I'm 30 now, I'm a big girl, and some of you might think that there are more important things to be writing about, maybe more "mature and grownup"subjects but the truth is that if thats what you think, then you are more than welcome to stop reading now and please, close the door behind you after you leave......
OK, so you decided to stay? that's great, now sit back, enjoy your stay here and let me tell you how it all started:

I can remember the very first moment when NKOTB "walked into my life"i was a young teenager, my family just moved to Israel and i had NO FRIENDS here. We moved from a place where i was one of the "popular girls"(i hate that word) to a new country , with a new culture and knowing absolutely no one my age. If you have ever been a teenager you know that at that point in your life friends are all you have and all you care about.

I must be fair and say that back where I was born i knew who NKOTB where, i knew they're songs but i wasn't a big fan, i liked them but i wasn't the "fan type"if you know what i mean.

So here i am, walking the streets of Jerusalem alone, just passing some kind of store when i hear a familiar sound, it took me a few seconds to recognize it, but before i knew it i was singing along (in my head!! in my head!!I'm not that crazy to go singing alone in the streets!!) "oh oh oh oh Hanging Tough". And at that specific moment the way I looked at things changed. I realized I had something familiar here, that this place wasn't so different from my old home. I had familiar sounds and i just knew that everything will be OK. People say that music gets straight in your heart and is able to heal it, well for little old me it is true.
It might sound dumb (this is the point where you leave a comment saying it isn't, or childish or whatever you want to call it but it's true, NKOTB just reminded me that i have to hang tough for a little bit longer and that thinks will work out.
So that same day i walked to the record store and bought a video tape of NKOTB (can't remember the name now but it is the one with "shave bro, shave"), and in that lonely summer they where my everything. I played that tape on a daily basis and it brought so much joy to my life, that i really felt i wasn't going trough this thing alone, i had my five guys from Boston with me.
Just to give this a happy end i have to tell you that things did work out for me, a few months latter i was still the biggest Israeli NKOTB fan (still am, by the way) but my life was back where it was supposed to be, school, new friends, new activities, jut a regular teenager.. the only difference between me and my new friends was that they where the "cool guys"so they had Gun's and Roses posters, and Bon Jovi tapes and The doors records and me? my room was covered with NKOTB stuff.. they didn't know back then but the "cool "one was me, right????

To be fair i must add that moving to Israel is the best and hardest decision my parents have ever made. I think my life, and my family's life here is much better than it could ever be back there.

So by the age of 14 i had learned two important lessons :
1- If you are hanging tough things will work out
2- Listen to your parents because sometimes (just sometimes) they do know what's best for you, even if you can't see it right away.