Oct 11, 2009


Hmmmm. took me a while to post this but you will have to excuse me, because i have been busy with university stuff and besides I'M ON THAT BOAT SO I DON'T FREAKING CARE IF YOU DON'T EXCUSE ME!!!
So since the dates of the cruise and the sale and pre-sale were published i have been trying to decide if i should go or not. Lists of pro and cons have been written, hundreds of tweets have been tweeted, long night chats have been chatted and i still couldn't make my mind.
I wanted to go- thats no secret, but I also wanted to be smart so it was like this: I wont have money for both cruise and tour, and since Jon showed no signs of wanting to marry me and take me with him and his little bro on that boat -I had to choose.
Then i realized my 2 guttah friends and possible roomies were not going....thats when i decided that i wont go and i will keep the money for a few concerts coz hey, we all know that one cruise can buy at least 4 VIP concerts.. see? I can even do basic math.
Then a friend asked me if i was going coz she was looking for a roomie and BOOM!!! YES YES YES!!! IM GOING!!!!! FREAKIN YES!!!! the only condition we had was: we are going ONLY if the cabins of less than 1000 usd are available. the way i saw it .. if god wants me there there will be a cabin for me and if there isn't then well. it wasn't meant to be
Thats when the fun begun...........
The day of the sale got here... and since I've heard from past cruisers that it took them hours to book on pre-sale i got myself prepared.. oh yeah!!! nothing was gonna stand between me and seasickness!
Sale starts at 18:00 Israeli time so ..
17:45-I made myself a huge iced-coffee, took some comfort food, my phone, my cellphone, my roomie's info.. and waited.... and waited .. and then waited a bit more
17:50- I remind myself that I'm gonna stay calm and thats all out of my hands, i will do my best to get us on that boat but its not up to me really
18:01- I got in the site.... found THE CHEAPEST CABIN... entered out info and .. surprise surprise... got kicked out the server...
18:02- im in the site.. no cabins available
18:03 - got kicked out
18:04- found a cabin
18:05 kicked out....
18:06- no cabins available
18:07- consider suicide by hanging myself with the laptop cable
18:10- cant enter the site
18:11- all cabins available
18:12- kicked out
18:13 trying to throw my laptop out the window
18:15- some cabins left
18:16- our info
18:1677- kicked out
18:20- Only expensive cabins
18:21- 18:45 the site is busy
18:46- a few cabins available
19:00- our info
19:01 kicked out
19:02- People have confirmations and posting the numbers on ning.. which makes me more nervous...It's not that i'm jealous..I'm worried all those BH got MY
19:03- Other friends having the same problem as me
19:05- no cabins available
19:06- no SITE available
19:07- hmm i wonder what could happen if i banged my head on the wall
19:08-breath.. inhale.... exhale.... inhale..... I WANT TO BE ON THAT BOAT
19:10- in the site.... theres a medium priced cabin and it has my name all over it
19:11- trying to contact my roomie to see if its OK with her
19:15- im gonna book it anyways
19:17 no cabins
You know how it goes from here so to make a long story short... so
somewhere around 21:00 (THREE hours after i got in the site) I managed to put our names on a cheap cabin.. then when i went to the payment page... surprise surprise..... got kicked out
20:05 - my roomie and I decide that screw our mature math and thinking... we are booking whatever is available
20:50 I found a medium priced cabin.. I even put our payment info.. and of course i never get the confirmation page... so smart ass me clicks back and again and again.. Then i realized that i might be double booking but well... You know...... I WANNA BE ON THAT BOAT!!!
23:00- (yes.. FIVE hours later) I get an email confirmation- WE ARE ON THAT BOAT!!!
But the surprise is that god-knows-how it booked us on the CHEAP cabin.. the first one i picked and got kicked out of it.... Thats when i realized GOD EXISTS AND SHE IS A BLOCKHEAD!!!
So of course Rose Tours had a huge mess and almost charged me twice but although I've heard some horror stories about them, they have been nothing but nice to me, they fixed the problem immediately and the big surprise is that They are gonna have Kosher food for me on board.. i didn't even requested it.. i just asked if it was available.. See? god is a blockhead!!!!!
A few days later me and another BH booked an hotel so we can spend a few days in Miami since we are coming from far away (Israel and Australia) and then i even found a great deal on a flight .. so you know what i think about god and her music tendencies- right!?
So the bad thing about this is that theres only around 2000 of us on that boat and lot so friends and people I know where not lucky enough to be able to book... lots of them had worse problems during booking, than i did. and other just gave up. And others decided to save the money for future tours.
Me? As Ddub says... I live only once, I don't know where am I gonna be when they launch a new tour ( probably home, eating my guts for not going) but I do know that NOW i have the possibility to go to that cruise, NOW I have the chance to go spend 3 days with a bunch of crazy BH.
So I hope Jon and Jordan are getting ready coz......

And for those of you saving for the cruise... here, have some inspiration: