Jun 21, 2009

My new-old hobby and NKOTB

Since i have to spend tooo much time infront of a computer anyway, i decided i should do something useful and go back to my old hobby of guessing what ppl say while they take pictures..
this is the result so far

Jun 11, 2009

This one is for the non believers

I'm sick and tired of people laughing or giving me "that"face when i say NKOTB!!
That is it! I had it, I'm done with that kind of people.. if they are unable of seeing what i'm lucky enough to see then they can go to hell or even better .. they can stay in they're little so called "good music"universe they live at..

If you are a blockhead then I guess you know exaclty what I'm talking about.
If you are not a blockhead and you got this link from a blockhead trying to explain to you why she is happy, read it, give it a try..
If you are NKOTB- HI!!!!! *waves*

So, it's true, NKOTB are no Leonard Cohen, no Bob Dylan and sure no Beatles.They're music is not like that at all. I don't think they even try, they don't need to.And why should they?
So sure, people tell themselves, NKOTB are just a boyband talking about those weird things called.. hmm.. "feelings" those not sophisticated and shameless things called "feelings".Or even worse, ppl tell themselves and do that face again, when you listen to them you feel that thing.... the one that is only allowed for kids... what was it's name again? hmm.. "fun". After all we know, grownups like us are not supposed to listen to music that stimulates things like "feelings"or "fun"or that part in your body called "heart" Grownups should be listening to music only stimulating the brains, the kind of music that you need to listen to like 1000000 times to try to understand the deepest levels of it (I will save you the time.. at the end of the day Cohen, Dylan,Lennon they all talk about Love too). I mean people are mature- they listen to mature music and not to that boyband crap, right? Mature people base they're assumptions ( including the musical ones) on known facts.. and they know better than we, Blockheads, do- right? They know NKOTB is bad music because they have read musical handbooks, they have all composed at least 5 songs with such deep meaning sand with such level of complex that they are allowed to bring other ppl's music down- right? They know NKOTB have bad music because they took the time to go to a few concerts, to listen to the guys voices, and so they can tell that NKOTB are not good singers, after all they have seen them several times on stage dancing, singing, smiling, and making people happy so they know- thats is trash music. Mature people all took the time to meet each one of "the kids", they have listened to them talk, they have seen the videos, the twitts, the facetime talk- so they knwo for a fact that all NKOTB want is our money and that they are just using us to get money...
Because seriously , you wouldn't expect from mature people ( the kind that tells you what to do, who to like and what is "quality"and what is "trash") to base what they think about NKOTB only on a remote memory they have from the time they were 15.
Well, i have a few things to say to mature people:
Music is not about quality,a washing machine is about quality!! Music is about feelings and about soul and about all those "uncool" things. Music is about opening your heart and feeling that it is being touched. Music is about someone making magic out of your thoughts. Music is about LOVE, the love for a person, for life, for god, for your dog or even for chocolate (specially if Jon falls asleep on it). And sure, you can take a simple thing like love and make a "sophisticated"song that makes you wonder whats the song about, or you can keep it real, simple and sing a simple phrase as "It's not the way you look that brings me to my knees, is the way you look at me"(and yes, i know my friends are laughing and rolling eyes now). Sure, that line is simple, it doesn't have too many analogies, but it is not a literature quizz for crying outloud!! it is MUSIC.. and if you let it touch your soul.. you don't need too many big words!!.
People: it is OK for a band to get on stage and have fun with it's fans!! It doesn't mean they have nothing to offer so they cover it with sexy moves or smiles.. actually its the opposite, it means they are having fun and it means they know they're audience so well that they want to give them what they came for.. of course they could stand still on the stage, no lights,and say maybe "hi"when they get on stage and then "thank you"when they get off... you know.. like "serious musicians"do- but instead they choose to make each concert count. to make they're audience feel wanted ,feel happy, to let the audience's heart touch they're heart.. and thats something that only someone that is really willing to "be in the moment"can feel.

I'm sorry, but if you took the time to see Jordan singing "|'ll be loving you forever"and didn't feel your heart touched then you are not human my friend. You might be mature, you might be sophisticated but you forgot about being human...and then, it's not you the one that needs to feel sorry for me for "living in your NKOTB bubble"is me that needs to feel sorry for you for not letting your humanity come out, for you becoming a robot, a smart one, but still- a robot.

So the truth is that im tired of people telling me that my "obsession" is childish or uncool,or not normal. I;m tired of people rolling they're eyes when i talk about thing sthat make me happy, and yes, NKOTB, and all that comes with it (friends, songs, videos,twitter) make me happy, they touch my heart in ways sophisticated and mature people will never be able to do. they remind me I'm human, they remind me there is love in this world and they remind me that it is ok to dreama nd to follwo your dreams (even if your dreams are not world peace or saving humanity).
So ppl, if you are not capable of watching this video till the end, or if you are not capable of feeling anything while watching it. If you have a friend ( or that friend is me) that you think is loosing it for loving NKOTB...
Then im sorry for you, I;m sorry for the good times you are missing, I;m sorry for that beautiful part in life you are not dealing with and if you think me or my Blockhead sistahs are weird or sad or pathetic then I;m gonna ask you to politely FUCK OFF!!
Thanx for reading

(video belongs to Dori)


Of course they are not mine as IM NOT GETTING FULL SERVICE *snif* *snif* but those are my favorite videos so far.. you know... the ones that are creeping around in my head..
I'm still looking for a good FULL "IBLYF"video so if anyone has it.. plz share... SHARING IS CARING SISTAHS!!

Jun 8, 2009

A day in the life of an European fan

7:00- wake up,
7:01- check twitter from bed.. just in case a "kid"is twittering
7:30 - First coffee of the day infront of the computer: check, and twitter
7:31- One of the "kids"twitter since they just finished a show. You promise yourself that today you won't be late for work/university.
7:45 - OH SNAP! still at the exact same pose.. gotta get out the house
7:50 - You drag yourself out the chair and put some makeup
7:58- Check your replies on Twitter coz maybe Jordan saw what you wrote (the answer is no)
7:59 - Jk starts a guessing game
8:00- "ok im late anyways.. i might as well play the game for ONLY ONE MINUTE"
8:10- You find the strength to leave the house
8:15- waiting for the bus and thanking god for WIFI and phones (Oh!! look!! JK is thinking about a dead American man)
8:20- on the bus- You promise yourself this is the last twit of the day till you get home ( and whats really sad about it is that you really believe it)
8:21- "JK love songs""the block"and "nkotb the essential"on shuffle on ipod
8:45- "Sorry, yes the traffic in thsi city is terrible, been on the bus since 7:30 sure it won't happen again.
9:00- "I wonder if they have WIFI signal in this classroom...hmmmm TWITTER YEAH BABY"
9:30- "Good night Donnie!!".. while trying to understand what the hell is the professor talking about
9:50- "Jon! get your sexy ass to bed and go to sleep".. still no idea what the class is about and you start to suspect you are at the wrong classroom
10:00- coffee break!! "hey!! really good signal at the cafeteria"
10:30- Class! you put the phone in your bag coz you are gonna listen and learn in class and coz you know you can control your addictions
10:35- Pheeewww the longest 5 mins in your life.....
10:36 - Ohhh looky look!! a blockhead has sent you a gutterific SHIRTLESS JORDAN picture to your mail...
10:37 - Gotta twitter to thank her
10:40- since your multitasking skills have developed lately you are capable of saying something smart in class
10:42 - "Jon!? still awake?? want me to come and tuck you in?"... srsly, last twitter of the day
11:00- your hands shake and you start to sweat
11:02- "Bored in class so how is every1 doing"
11:10- "OMJ have you seen the pics from last nights show!?!?"
11:30- "videos!??! what do you mean videos?"
11:47- "Jordan!? up again!?!? wanna share the cheerios"
12:00- class is ovah..
12:05 - waiting for the bus.. no WIFI and no Internet signal in this undeveloped freakin country!!!
12:07 - you feel dizzy and start to shake
12:08- you are pale and you can only whisper "Jordan twitt me"
12:15- on the bus, after the mental breakdown..
13:00- at work... run to the office... turn the computer on while shaking
13:05- " OK guys i have some serious work to do today.. do you guys think you can handle the kids for a few hours while i work?"
13:06- "Finally at work.. did anyone post videos from Camden already"
13:07- youtube quality time
14:00- One of the teenagers enters your office and he is trying to talk to you about something that happened to him today...
14:35- Finally he is gone!!! "so what did i miss"
14:40- work (yes its true)
15:00- Another teenager enters the office.. hes going to the store.. do you want him to bring you YOUR DAILY TWIX? "YES"
15:15- the kid is back.. you share your twix and he asks how old are the "those guys you like"and if you are not too old for that shit. You give him THE LOOK...
15:30- work (and you know you are missing all Donnie twitts)
17:15- Just a quick look.. not even gonna twitter... just read if... "OH MY GOD!! HAVE YOU SEEN JOE'S VBLOG? MY OVARIES HURT"
17:30 - work
18:00- Meeting with the youth council.. "srsly. Yael do you really like them?"THE LOOK AGAIN
20:00- out of work
20:05- waiting for the bus and thanking god for WIFI "Have you guys seen the picture of JK in his new sexy Jacket? its my new fav. jacket"
20:10- Bus arrives. you get on it and "OMJ! Sitting infront of me on the bus a guy that looks just like JoeMac! Same baby blues,same hair,identical smile +the hat OMJ!"
20: 12- "Holy sh#&t! Same nose too! I cant stop stearing. If i could ill take a pic to show u all how identical they r. Mmm wonder if he is single.."

20:13 - Someone twitters to you that there are new gutterific pictures on
20:20 - Jk twitters asking if you know where your kids are...
20:21- Got off the bus and "@jordanknight enjoy your family time! My children? Half in my ovaries and half in a guy i just saw. LOL"
20:24- the battery on your phone dies and you have no idea why
20:35- shaking, sweating..
21:00- The door is still open, your bag on your shoulder "HOME SWEET HOME.. WHAT DID I MISS"
21:05- door still open... bag still on shoulder "did anyone get good shots of "ILL BE LOVING YOU FOEREVER?"
21:10 - close the door, grab some food
21:15- YOUTUBE
21:17- NKOTB.COM
21:18- "OMJ I need to get to find a way to get FULLSERVICE"
21:25- You find a picture that can be captioned and sent to JK
21:40- Captioning done
21:50- YOUTUBE
21:51- "So any news on the European contest?"
22:00- you tell yourself toknight ( yes even when you talk to yourself you say toKnight) you are going to go to sleep at a reasonable hour..
22:10- ohhhh ppl are now up and uploading videos from last night..
22:20- Ebay... "hmmm i wonder what can i sell to be able to go get some fullservice
22:50- youngq is twittering and live on chat
22:58- you get a shout out from Youngq and feel like the happiest woman alive
23:15- you;ve heard Jon has been deleting DM's so you check if yours is still there.. it is so you caption it and save it
23:17- your DM is gone
23:19- Donnies words of wisdom start
23:26- Jordan twitters something really cute and you have to answer
23:50- you find the strength to go shower knowing that as soon as you shower Jk will twitter
23:50-0:10 ( indeed.. JK starts a guessing game)
0:10- twitter, youtube all at once.. gotta get your nkotb fix b4 ZZZZ ( yes .. you don't say sleep anymore... now you say ZZZZZZZ)
0:50- "ok its time to go to sleep.. if JK twitters tell him his crazy Israeli fan is waiting"
1:00- still by the laptop just in case someone replies
1:05- IN BED!!!!
1:06-.....hmmm.. i wonder if... "Ok last twitt of the day"- from your phone
1:07- Jk playing guessing games
1:08- Jon twitters
2:00- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
3:45- ohhhh the show is about to start..
3:46- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
4:00- You dream about you and your ex boyfriend going to a party at JK's house while JK tries to sell you the house ( yes it's a true dream)
5:00- you wake up to the sound of the battery on your phone dieing again
5:01- well.. since you are up...... "How was the show guys"
5:02- zzzzzzzzzzzzz
7:00- TINK-
and so on
*This schedule was built according to Israeli hours but I'm pretty sure it applies to all international fans with a little change of hours...
*no I'm not crazy..... I'm.... A PROUD BLOCKHEAD