May 13, 2010

Blockheads have taken over Miami

Local resindents are required to not leave their homes unless they want 20000000 screaming women in their restaurants or if they want to spend 70 hrs. taking pictures of hyper happy women.
Now let's get serious for a while:
I finally went to the beach today and of course  now instead of the ugly shirt tan marks I I have really ugly mixture of tank top and bathing suite marks... life in Miami is good.
 Then at the evening as planed I attended the BH meeting.
The place was packed with us (and a Joe doll) it was around 60 women in a local restaurant, screaming and tweeting and calling each other by nicknames coz no one know whats each others real name. To be honest, it looked weird at fist.. so many familiar faces that I have no idea who they are.. but in a matter of minutes the weirdness was gone and I actually had a great time. It was fun to meet girls that I became good friends with but never met before. It was fun to meet more blockheads and you know... to get the party going and ready for tomorrow... So to all my BH sisters that attended the dinner party- THANX FOR A GREAT NIGHT. 
And a special thank you to the poor couple that took  like 300000 pictures of us.. I think they missed dinner, a movie and probably more things but they had a great time taking pictures of un-medicated crazy women :-)
I also went to see the Fillmore , which by the way, is 5 minutes from my hotel.. i was happy to see that no one was lining up tonight but sad to see that. what's wrong with us? doesn't a GA show deserve women sleeping in the streets of Miami? are we getting old!?!? 
Well. it seems that my 1st casi-NO tour is getting closer and closer... 
Tomorrow I will be posting news and pictures as soon as I take them

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