May 14, 2010


Ok, now that we got that out of the way- let's get this... i mean, let's start.

Let me start by saying that I really believe every woman should have a lining up experience. It's like a broken heart.. you suffer but it's something you HAVE to go through to grow up.
With that said, I feel now less pathetic to let you know that i lined up at freakin 2:30 when doors opened only at 7.
While I was lining up I got to see my Danish girls and they told me they saw the guys arriving and they even got some autographs..hmmm... thats when it all started. You know me, I'm a mature, self controled , very rational woman (YEAH RIGHT) so as soon as I felt some stalking oportunities- I had to go for it.
I told my friend that they are probably at the back so we went to stand there, behind the bars.. you know all those pics that I've seen before of BH's standing at the back of the venue waiting for some love? well this time I got to be in those pictures and it was FUN!! My really burnt skin might defer and say that it was irresponsible, uncomfortable,stupid and all those bad things but we all know that for NKOTB i will get my skin sunburn  and be OK with it).
Anyway, when we were standing there little Joe came out. The reason i say little is coz the man is all bones.. SOMEONE PLEASE THROW A SANDWICH AT HIM!!! The guy is way smaller than I remembered him and he was extremely patient and nice and he took the time to smile, take pictures and sign things.. he even got his own sharpie!! So I took a picture with him and he signed my Israeli flag who's now on a mission to get 4 more signatures.  That was the FIRST autograph i have ever got from anyone!!! yeah.. I finally have something autographed... not to mention that it's cool that it's a flag coz my friend had nothing with her so she had to get her shirt signed :-)
Autograph tip: Joe doesn't autograph boobs so don't even ask.( I didn't but 2 girls there did).
Anyways after we had our moment with Joe we figured we should stay there to get to see mr Wahlberg.. so we waited... and got sunburnt.. and waited.... and got sunburnt.. and waited... and met some cool blockheads.. and waited.. well you get the idea, right? 
Then we decided to use the "I came from far away" card so every once in a while my friend would scream HONG KONG and i would scream ISRAEL... it kindda became a reflex... lol .. didn't help us much but it was fun.
Well.. hours went by and just when my skin started actually thinking about moving somewhere else and leaving me skinless (YUCK) we decided to go get some coffee (starbucks, like duh!!) and then we stood back in line.
7:00 sharp the doors opened and we run for our lives.... completely worth it coz we got to stand in really good spots.
I have to say that this concert experience was so much greater than the amazing concert i attended in Amsterdam. 
First of all the venue was smaller and way more intimate, it was actually a theater and  you could REALLY see what was going on. I also felt more comfortable, just moving around and talking to people i have never met before. Of course I got to meet some girls i knew from Twitter but never met before and I must say that was one of the coolest parts of the whole deal.
Another great thing that I felt this time is that people were actually nicer. If you wanted to leave your spot to go say hi to friends or go to the bathroom or get drinks or whatever- people standing BEHIND you actually saved it for you, people were trying all the time to not block each others views, there was no pushing.. it was just fun and simple.. I LOVED THIS CONCERT
Now to the concert itself: It felt way more simple than the big shows they held in arenas and i liked it, the dance steps were simple, the band was smaller, less fireworks and more singing. the bad thing is that there was also waaayy less talking top the crowd  and it was shorter and faster. 
The song choices were GREAT and even the new arrangements they did to the old songs were great. the acoustic part is to die for. Really it's a great part of the show and of course the solos are .. well... you know.... they are great. I like the slut look joe got for his solo and I can't even talk about " never let you go" without smiling for a few hours aftah. And "I got it" did i mention I got it was great!?!?!? phhewwwww what a concert.
Once the concert was done we headed back to the parking lot to see some action. On the way we realized the guys where at a window throwing things and talking to fans  but we didn't stop- we were  on a Ddub mission after all!!!!.
Then we saw the van arrive and Jon and Jordan got inside without even saying hi, which is more than OK. The guys were exhausted, they have a full weekend of non-sleep ahead so I think it's really Ok that they just left.And they did it pretty quietly.. it's not like they came, saw us and ignored us.. nothing like that at all, the van picked them up from the back door and they left.
Then a whole bunch of teenagers ( I think they are one of Dannys girls friends) got inside and a few stupid girls tried to get inside with them.. well HELLO!! YOU DON'T LOOK 15 WITH THAT SLUTY DRESS SO DON'T TRY!!!
Then Danny came out waving  with his daughters. they waved said good night and got into his car and drove home.
We knew Ddub was still inside so there was no way in hell we were leaving. and indeed.. after like 15 minutes Ddub came to say hi. girls stood by the fence and he took the time to shake hands and take pictures. 
This is when I knew it was MY moment.. the only problem is that I didn't have anything smart to say.. and I never talk anything but smart stuff... so then out of nowhere I told him  "I'm the Israeli girl" so he looked at me and then did a face like if he recognized me ( I'm pretty sure he doesn't but it was nice that he tried to make me feel good) and then he said "wooahh" and high-fived me. HE high-fived ME!!!!Then he said " I love you" and I said " me too" and he asked me if I;m going on the boat, I told him that I am and he said " ok then see you  tomorrow"  and I said yup and he winked. At this point I think I died for a few seconds and went to heaven. The bad  news is that I don't have any pictures of that moment but I have the great memory of it. By the way.. something must be happening in the NK'S world coz he looked really skinny . Thank god we will always have the Knight brothers well fed.:-)
So I actually think that if I don't get anymore facetime I can still call myself a lucky woman. I got to go to a great concert, to meet really nice people and to talk to Ddub... I can die a happy woman now.
Now it's time to pack for the mottah fuckah boat!!!!!!
I will keep you guys posted

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Anonymous said...

i love NKOTB everyday of my life... always!!!
im danypato :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome experience! I know the yuck feeling of your skin burning and wanting to crawl off to find somewhere shady but I agree that queueing is an experience in and of itself :-)


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