May 20, 2010

I was on tah mottah fuckah boat - part I

I still can't believe that after all the preparations and all the waiting and the countdowns and all- well it's all over now. But boy- what a journey this has been!! 

So let's go back to the beginning- the embarkation day- a huge room packed with BH recognizing each other from twitter and waiting inline. Now srsrly, dear Carnival people: we are embarking a freakin boat with NKOTB, what about playing some NKOTB music while we wait , instead of that horrible so called latino elevator music you were playing!?! Anyways, we got the orange wrist band (the one that marks you as the poor girls on the block that could hardly pay for the trip) and we were good to go.
Once we got into the boat it took us quite a long time to find our cabin since the boat is HUGE. The good thing: our cabin was bigger than I expected.... the bad thing: it was really far from everything.
And then there was the sail away party!!!! The Lido deck was packed with all of us dancing and singing and drinking, lots of fun!!! The guys decided to go up to the stage passing some of the girls, which was a great thing. Seriously, I think they tried their best to give as many people as much facetime as possible, I can't remember anyone telling me that they wanted facetime and where refused. Well once the party begun - we knew this was going to be a weekend to remember. the guys looked so happy and so comfortable on stage, and all of us did too. Well.. kind of comfortable cos Kathy and me were caring a huge cupcake that needed to be handed to JK as a b-day present from all his girls worldwide. So we made a sign and took the damn thing with us to the party. Jon saw it and he actually asked us to give it to him, so we did .. he left it somewhere and came back to say it's  ok. Thats the part where Kathy &me where at the top of the world. Not only we got on the boat, not only we got to deliver our present but also Jon, the love of my 13 year old self, saw it and helped us.
Once the party was over we realized the cupcake was left on stage, from this time on.. it will become "our thing" After all we had a responsibility to all our worldwide friends to deliver it . Ok... back to the story.. Donnie (btw, I'm a 100% Donverted woman) walked around people and took pics, shook hands, gave kisses. I know thats probably the businessman in him but he really wanted to get to as many people as possible and he took the time to at least say a few words to each. When it was my turn he took my cam to take a picture of us but the freakin thing went out of  batteries. So I told him we will have to do it later and the cutest guy ever said " no, let me work it out" and he actually made it work and took a picture. Yes, thats how I knew he is god- he has powers to fix things...  
For me that was it.. I felt like a really lucky lady, less than 2 hrs. on tah boat and already got what I wanted!!!!
Since we were in group B- our game show went first. .Donnie baptized the game as " kind of like jeopardy" coz he was complaining that we didn't get the rules right.. so funny!!!The show wasn't half as interesting and the stupid things the guys did during it to make us laugh.. they were all over the place being funny and cynical and giving us a great time. 
The ga,e included some crowd hunt- which means the guys ere going in the crowd to find items (yup, they looked at ppls bras to find a pink leopard bra), some video trivia (Dear Jared: if you put Never Let You Go on screen, please don't expect anyone to be able to concentrate on your questions).
Game was over, then it was time for dinner, we decided to have it in the formal- too fancy for a BH dinning room..
At night it was Casino Royale night and the guys were all wearing TUX. Phewww as if it wasn't haawt enough on that boat they had to go wearing that!!! They seemed very cool, relaxed and having fun. they even tried to walk around the crowd for a bit but most time they spend doing a sort of show and spending time at the VIP area. We had the cupcake with us and a sign saying "we have your cupcake- again" Jon saw it and said that he took it and we told him that it was left on the stage so he did a cute face and so did we. I even think he tried to get his kid bro to see it/ Later that night he actually saw i6t and made a sign with his hands that can mean 2 things "later" or "tomorrow" although I think it can say "fuck you" as well... lol
Of course we danced to all the songs while the guys where goofing around having fun and trying they're best to give us a great time..
We had a great time during the whole experience, if you ask me- meeting all my twitter friends from all over the globe was as exciting as meeting the guys. Really, so many faces that became familiar to me but I've never met before. So many accents, so many people... It was just an amazing experience.. and yes.. there's still 2 more days to go so stay tuned for updates numbah 2 and 3

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