Aug 11, 2010

Close to cruise baby

La,la,la,la... La,la,la,la... Oh... yeah...

You know that it's hard (you know that it's hard)
To decide to book (To decide to bookl)
To not be standing, next May on the boat

I know it's hard when I'm far away
But I promise you when I get paid,
I'll sail (I'll sail)...

Sail with your fans, sail with my friends
  Sail in that cabin that barely fits for one bed
Sail with those chicks, sail with my peeps
Sail coz staying home, no I can't  resist
Sail with the crowd, with 2000 of us
Having the great time that I deserve
Sail with you, baby, from the other side of the  world, sail with you

La,la,la,la... La,la,la,la... Hey... Mmm

Baby, hope the site won't crash (site won't crash)
and that I'll make the presale (make the presale)
You know I'm weak to it (So weak)
And you're making me sail

I just made up my mind, i can't stay here ( decision making is over!)
I'm gonna sail this like I did before,
Gonna do it again, it's  clear, when I'm...


Now I'm counting down the days,
There's a huge amount transfered from my bank account
Before you know it, May will be there
Coming all the way, to sail  and together leave land
Close to cruise baby
I'll always be..

Yup.... just like that

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